At our own biogas station

We convert biological waste into energy

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Biogas station

At our own
biogas station

Any organic matter is suitable for recycling

The supply of raw materials is constantly renewed

The output is natural fertilizers

What is Biogas?
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We are specialists
in biogas energy

We use the latest foreign equipment and innovative technologies. The high level of professionalism of our specialists is the key to the successful implementation of projects of any scale and complexity.

We offer modern energy-saving technologies and equipment for processing organic waste from livestock and crop production into effective environmentally friendly fertilizer and energy.

What is BioGas

Other infrastructure facilities

Solid waste landfills

Treatment plants

Agro-industrial complex

Solid and liquid waste:
- livestock,
- agriculture,
- processing enterprises,
- poultry farming.

- organic origin.

Biogas is an alternative renewable gaseous fuel based on methane, obtained as a result of anaerobic digestion of organic matter.
A biogas station is a complex for processing agricultural waste with the production of fertilizers and biogas, which is used in power plants to generate electricity and heat.
of raw materials for biogas production and subsequent energy generation:

Advantages of BioGas
Don't get rid of waste, but make the most of it.

Economically profitable

Biogas technologies make it possible to most efficiently and effectively convert the energy of chemical bonds of organic waste into the energy of gaseous fuel (biogas) of our own production with the production of highly effective organic fertilizers. The produced biogas can be sent to power plants to generate electricity and heat.

With care for the environment

The biogas station solves the problem of recycling and processing organic waste from agricultural and livestock enterprises, housing and communal services facilities, and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere - methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Electrical energy source

The construction of a biogas station is an alternative to the construction of traditional energy facilities (gas pipelines, boiler houses, electrical networks, transformers) and other infrastructure facilities (waste storage facilities, access roads, etc.) in areas with a high concentration of raw materials and the absence of a centralized energy supply. When operating autonomously, there are no costs for connecting to power grids.

Rural development

A biogas plant provides the opportunity to provide heat and electricity to social infrastructure facilities located nearby (residential buildings, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, holiday homes, etc.). The development of biogas energy also solves employment problems in rural areas. In addition, the introduction of biogas technologies contributes to the development of rural energy infrastructure, which has a positive effect on the standard of living of the rural population.

At the exit we get fertilizers

We obtain environmentally friendly organic fertilizers for agricultural enterprises.

We solve any problems regarding
biogas stations

We recycle
organic waste

We launch and debug biogas plants

Disposal of waste from agricultural enterprises in the agricultural region is an important issue in increasing the level of environmental safety.

Technological and biological startup of a biogas station requires special knowledge. We will monitor all processes.

We design and build
biogas stations

We supply equipment and carry out repairs

We will develop a business plan and prepare documentation. We coordinate with regional authorities. We control the construction.

Complete set and supply of the latest foreign equipment, and subsequent maintenance of biogas stations.

We will call and answer all questions
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218 th tonns
waste recycled
102 mln kWh
electricity generated
98 th Gcal
energy-heat generated
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